SUPER Student V-Cube Event in Spain!!

What a Day!!

Tutorial & Competition at Madrid’s Dideco Store

Students gathered at the Dideco Store in Madrid for a full day of V-Cube fun and games. The super event organized by V-Cube’s partner in Spain,  Aquamarine Games and the Dideco Group of retail stores, gave excited, young V-Fans a chance to learn how to solve the  3x3x3 and, as an added plus, the tutorial was presented  by well-known Spanish cube champions Rodrigo Pueblas and Asier Cardoso.
The event took place on April 16th and included a competition and blind solve where excitement reached full pitch!!

Swim the Canal of Corinth

V-Cube’s In The Race All THE WAY!

September 27th, 2016 SWIM THE CORINTH CANAL WITH V-CUBE!!!

V-Cube is the main sponsor of the biggest swimming event in Greece, a 6km race for adults and children across the Corinth Canal.

The Canal, gateway to the Peloponnese, joins the Gulf of Corinth with the Saronic Gulf the Aegean Sea.
The Corinth Canal has a history of its own dating from ancient times and swimmers from around the world will make their own history at this super event!!!

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