Swim the Canal of Corinth

September 27th, 2016 SWIM THE CORINTH CANAL with V-CUBE!!!

V-Cube’s In The Race All THE WAY!

‘Swim the Canal’ of Corinth, a 6km swimming race

‘Swim the Canal’ was an epic experience for both swimmers and spectators for two days, September 26 & 27th. There were competitive races for adults and children based on age categories and full program of activities in and out of the water. It was a super two days with great participation!!

V-Cube is Main Sponsor of ‘Swim the Canal’ of Corinth!

V-Cube backed the organizers of Greece’s biggest swimming event all the way

As the main sponsor of the biggest swimming race in Greece, V-Cube was on board with super activities and participation.
V-Cube stands were set up along the Canal and our team welcomed visitors to try their hand at V-Cubing and learn more about the BIGGESTCUBE COLLECTION EVER!! And, of course, members of OUR TEAM, always ready to meet a higher challenge, SWAM IN THE RACE!!!
All participants received a V-Cube satchel bag with awesome giveaways including special cubes designed especially for the ‘Swim the Canal’ of Corinth 2016 Event. The special V-Cube, available in both flat and pillow shape, is a souvenir of the fun and challenge of Greece’s biggest swimming event.

V-Cube’s specially designed cubes for ‘Swim the Canal’ of Corinth 2016
V-Cube’s specially designed cubes for ‘Swim the Canal’ of Corinth 2016 will be given to all swimmers.

The Cube is a give-away for those participating in the fun and challenge of the biggest swimming event in Greece. The V-Cube special edition ‘Swim the Canal’ of Corinth Cube is available in both flat and pillow-shape

The location of the Isthmus of CorinthThe Race offered a ‘historical’ experience for swimmers at the site because the history of the Canal dates back thousands of years. The Isthmus of Corinth is a narrow bridge of land connecting mainland Greece with the Peloponnese peninsula, the Gulf of Corinth to the West, the Saronic Gulf in the Aegean Sea to the East. Digging a cutting through the Isthmus, a shortcut for the long and dangerous 700 km (430 mi) journey around the peninsula, was first proposed by the ancients. From antiquity throughout Greek history, engineering schemes were tried and failed until the Canal was finally opened in 1893. Today the Corinth Canal serves 12,000 ships annually.

‘SWIM ACROSS CORINTH CANAL’ organize a 6 km swimming race

The organizers of ‘SWIM THE CANAL’ established a 6km swimming race, for adults & children at the Corinth Canal (Isthmus).

Description of the route

The opening of Corinth Canal in 1893. Painted by Constantinos Volanakis

The Isthmus is from ancient times the most significant strategic point of Greece and one of the most important of the Eastern Mediterranean.

The Isthmus of Corinthos

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