Article in Mensa Magazine Greece

Article in Mensa Magazine Greece

Greek Mensa's members played a few of the Labors of Hercules

On the 30th of June 2018, a gathering was held at the office of the Greek Mensa, where our members played a few of the Labors of Hercules, a puzzle game that was published in 2017.

Gramy Festival

Gramy Festival 19-20 November, Gdańsk, Poland

Gramy Festival is the largest meeting point for gamers in Poland!

V-Cube was in Poland for Gramy Festival, the largest bi-annual meeting point for gamers! Surrounded by games, V-Cubes were in their natural environment and we had a blast

On board of REBEL’s “Toy Cantina” in Poland

The “Game Truck” visited 25 festivals and other events in the past 150 days.

REBEL, Poland’s online retailer of boardgames and V-Cube's Authorized Distributor, took to the road to promote gaming!

“Game Truck” gave the opportunity to grown-ups and kids alike to get to know contemporary analog gaming a bit better..

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